Story: dealing with Jim Tazarek is fun!

Jim Tazarek, Munich 2008

True story: in June 2008 I met Jim Tazarek (foto, a radio-consultant from USA) in Munich while he was conducting a workshop about „how to do and increase online-sales for radiostations“. He showed up with interresting thoughts, good examples and a lot of ideas, how to manage online-sales and to change thinking about this issue. (The stuff i wrote down filled 3 pages in my file…)

To most of the things he said I do agree. Some were new and to some ideas I felt, that we are probably on a good path… but: this guy, little over 60 years old, little overweighted tought us, mostly much younger people, how to utilise the Internet?! Very impressing.

A few days later, I met Jim again on the BLM-Lokalrundfunktage and we had dinner. During the conversation I came up: „Jim, may I give you some feedback about your presentation in Munich…“ „Shure… „.

Well, I told him, that his suggestion: „do very excellent presentations and proposals, remember, you compete with Mickey Mouse“ is very agreeable. But – his own Powerpoint Presentation was not the best i’ve ever seen. Jim immediately agreed and promised to work on that issue.

Now, 10 days later I received a note that inluded a copy of an invoice about a MAC-Book Pro  Jim has instantly bought to improve his presentations. He wrote:

Jim's Apple InvoiceWell Hermann, I listened to your very constructive criticism last week. And I can’t tell you how very thankful I am that you took the time to discuss the matter with me. As I told you, you were absolutely correct.  So that you know the remarks were not dismissed, please note the action I took yesterday. (attached) I’ve also enrolled in the Presentation Zen class. Hopefully, when I return – the material will have been upgraded. Looking forward to our next visit. Thanks again, Taz

Dealing with Jim is fun!  Thanks Jim.

Note: Jim passed away Thursday, February 25, after a courageous six-year journey with esophageal cancer

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